Here is the latest in the docuseries being produced by HechoKC. Get to know artist, writer, musician, poet, performer and much more…

Don’t miss HechoKC’s newest installment of the docuseries highlighting Kansas City’s diverse artists and entrepreneurs! This one features the artwork of Chico Capitán Sierra!!! Also be on the look out for another amazing artist, Vania Soto, currently in production. #Docuseries #Film #documentary #Artist #Chicano #Latino#KCMO #KCBackbone Chico Capitán Sierra #HechoKC #KCBackbone #Artist #Latino #LatinoArtist#Musician #Poet #Writer #docuseries

A short documentary about the mural Bustamante did as a mutual friends place of business, KC Rubber & Belting Co., Joe Skates. In the comments on Facebook Skates was having problems with Graffiti and curse words. I suggested that he have Bustamante of Visual Soul paint a mural and the rest is History!

A little fun in the Sun! 🙂 ☀️ 🌞

I was cast thru my talent agency, EXPOSURE INC. In this EGGO social media ad by RW2 of Kansas City, MO. As a 20+ year veteran as an actor, this was one of my FAVs. LEGGO MY EGGO! 🙂

As a 10 year old studio SPYN has evolved into a solid design house. Working through hiccups in the matrix, a economic meltdown in 2009 and surviving all this time through the power and strength of it’s Backbone, Art & Graphic Design. We are proud to have been able to give back to our art + design community here in KCMO. Working with non-profits to help envision a fundraising campaign or event to help visually tell their story has been a special blessing.

Thank you KC!

Posting for the first time on SPYN’s new blog. Social media is a way to keep your fans up to date but blogging can also helm with your SEO! Let’s get this done with BACKBONE! 

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