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Graphic Design / Video Intern | Schedule: Summer 2016
Unpaid internship with possible advancement opportunities.

•Junior or Senior undergraduate or graduate student (sophomores may be considered if appropriate criteria are met).
•Major or minor in Art, Graphic Design or Graphic Communications.
•Proficiency in the Adobe Creative Cloud Applications. Knowledge of Wordpress is preferred, but is not mandatory.
•Knowledge and understanding of After Effects.
•Preferred candidates to have some knowledge of art history, and an interest in the business of art.
•Exceptional oral communication skills
• Strong problem solving skills.
•Ability to coordinate multiple deadline-driven tasks.

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J. Brendan O'Shaughnessy J. Brendan O'Shaughnessy Ocean & Sea

"My internship with Spyn in the summer of 2009 was a timely opportunity that helped me grow in my creativity. I focused primarily on web development for a wide range of clientele. Luis and I shared similar backgrounds in fashion and fine art which made for a mutually dynamic relationship."

Eric Liles Eric Liles Sullivan Higdon & Sink

"Working at Spyn was a great growing experience. Not only was I able offer my design skills and input into Luis’ client work (which, during my time there, included logo design, package design, and brand collateral, among other things), but also I was able to get a better understanding of the design community through his Base Gallery and involvement in AAF-KC. If you want an internship that dips your foot into practically almost everything- Spyn is the place to be!"

Rebecca Dowell Rebecca Dowell

"During my internship with Spyn I was pushed to find real design solutions with real clients. Face to face meetings with real clients led me to discover that I was on the right path becoming a creative. The position required me to learn how to articulate my design ideas to the Creative Director, Luis Garcia. He gave me the opportunity to work on an array of projects such as identity, branding, signage, invitation design and magazine layout."

Megan Towle   Megan Towle   GRAPHIC DESIGNER

In a boutique studio I was constantly taking on new client jobs. I prepared and executed some of the presentations to the clients. I understood the importance of communication between client and designer and mastering multiple projects at once.

Alice Shrum Alice Shrum Graphic Design

At Spyn we really put the polish on concepts for clients. Throughout my time there I worked on a lot of different accounts for very versatile clients. I learned a lot from both Luis (my boss) and Megan (the other intern) and we had a very productive summer!

Jessica J. Johnston Jessica J. Johnston Graphic Design / Web Design

Assisted in design for specific projects, including print & web related design.

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